Supporting Services

Clinical Laboratories

Radha Govind has completely operational and self sufficient laboratories which use all the latest instrument and latest technologies for carrying out investigation in Bio Chemistry, Clinical Pathology, and Micro Biology. Our labs are equipped with:

  • Fully Auto Analyzer
  • Semi Auto Analyzer
  • Centrifuge
  • Calorie Meter
  • Water Bath
  • Microphone-monocular
  • Computer
  • Cell Counter
  • Micro Pipettes
  • Pipettes
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Auto Clave
  • Refrigerator
  • VDRL Shaker



In 24 hour house pharmacy facility is also available which provides all the required medicines to the OPD and IPD patients. The pharmacy is manned by a trained Pharmacist and assisted by staff.

Blood Bank

The blood bank of Radha Govind Hospital works strictly according to the provisions of Government and FDCA. The bank is fully equipped & licensed for blood collection (phlebotomy), T T I, serological Screenings with Elisa Component separation. Radha Govind Hospital collects and store blood and its components from voluntary donors, and strictly avoids professional donors or paid donors. RGH is responsible for the safe supply of blood for transfusion. There is a screening of blood donors for infectious disease such as HIV, Malaria, VDRL and Hepatitis B.

The Blood Bank works round the clock to serve the patients and to tackle any emergency. Apart from the routine blood donation, cross matching and coomb’s test, it also maintains a voluntary blood donor database to help the patients. The Bank is furnished with high tech Equipments and instruments, Donor waiting area and Reception.

The donors are registered and prescreened for medical conditions such as Weight B.P HB, Pulse Rate, CVS, R S, Temperature etc. A detailed clinical history is also taken from the donors. After donation all the donors are provided with refreshment and drugs when necessary.

All the bloods collected are tested for different diseases, infections or deficiencies as required under government norms. Efficient quality controls are ensured in storage and issue of blood. Every bio waste (hazardous blood or contaminated with blood) is verified by supervisor, M.O, health inspector before issuing to biomedical waste collection agency. The lab premises, equipments and reusable items are sterilized and disinfected.


The hospital is extremely sensitive to taking good care of its patients by providing them the best of treatment with the best of hygienic conditions. Towards that objective Radha Govind Hospital maintains highest level of cleanliness, sanitation and hygienic conditions in its services which are constantly monitored by the Hospital Infection Control Committee.

Central Sterilization Supply Department:

A Central Sterilization Service Department functions under the direct control of the Medical Superintendent. It is responsible for sterilization of hospital areas including its operation theatres, its equipments and gauge, and other required items.  

Central Laundry

There is a mechanized and manual laundry system with bulk washing machines and driers for washing of blankets, mattresses, sheets etc. It handles almost 750 pieces everyday.

Hospital Waste Disposable Management System

All hospital Bio Medical waste is disposed through the biomedical waste collection agency approved by the authorities as per MCI and government norms.

Patient Billing and Service

 A 24 hour round the clock billing and reception service is run by the hospital to service and guide the patients and to make their stay comfortable as much as possible.