Central Library:-

The air conditioned central library came into the existence with the origin of RGIMS. It is an integral and essential component of the institute’s outstanding research and intellectual mission to educate and nurture the students. The library is dedicated to the discovery of knowledge and to contribute to advance in medical science.

RGIMS library is a temple of knowledge, where the learners seek knowledge of their related fields. It provides a secure, convenient and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge.

Building and Infrastructure:-

The library is located on the ground floor of centrally air conditioned Radha Govind Institute of Medical Sciences. It occupies 2400 area and contains 2 floors. Architecture is aesthetically designed and contains all the modern facilities for the students. CCTV cameras are installed to ensure the safety of library materials. Manual Fire extinguishers have also been installed.

Main Attraction:-

No. of Reading room available: 1 with 150 seats
No. of rooms available for library staff: 1 with 30 seats
No. of rooms available for internet: 1 with 40 nodes
No. of text books available: 3000
Reference: 500
Journals (subscribed annually): 21 foreign and Indian (15 Indian and 06 Foreign)

All the books are catalogued according to Lypsys library management system with barcode facilities.  

There is separate facility for photocopying and printing. A 40 nodes computer room with Medlar and internet facility has also been provided. All the facilities are in a/c rooms. A LCD and USB player is also available.

  Sections:- Several sections have been made in the library for easy access.

  1. Reference section
  2. Periodical section
  3. Circulation section
  4. Reading section
  5. Stack section
  6. News paper section
  7. Computer/internet section

Library Management:-

# Designation Name Qualification
1 Librarian Ms.Mansi Garg B.Lib, M.Lib
2 Dy.Librarian Mr. Damodar Tiwari B.Lib, M.Lib
3 Documentalist Mr. Haseen Khan B.Lib

Working Hours:-   08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. No. of shifts: –        Two